Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Fowler to Pueblo, CO 53 miles

We did not leave outrageously early this morning, but at around 6 am. We ate first breakfast in the hotel room and then swung around to join Sara where she had found lodging with a local.
The trains no longer carry grain, but instead carry coal and oil.
Second breakfast never came and neither did a restaurant lunch.
We started seeing cactus and saw a little prairie dog town right next to the highway.
In pueblo, we missed a turn, but it wasn't catastrophic. We just entered the city from a different direction. At this point Janelle's friend Dawn joined us in her truck Prius (her words) and she gave us some navigational help to get to the bike path which goes along the Arkansas River and right to Pueblo reservoir. The bike path was paved, but had consistent cracks perpedicular to the riding direction, causing a thump, thump, thump.
The visitor's center at the reservoir was closed, but we hung out there for a while in the shade watching gekkos run about. The campsites were there also, mostly treeless, but each has a shelter oriented to shade the picnic table from the west sinking sun.
We hiked up to the bluffs for a fabulous view of the resevoir and surrounding region, including Pikes Peak. We encountered our first coin operated showers; I didn't want to wait in line, so I cleaned up in a sink.
Bike path to Pueblo reservoir.

The reservoir.

Attempting to chill at the closed visitor's center.


Bluff hike

Top 'o the bluff

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