Sunday, July 11, 2010

Cassoday to Newton, KS 40 miles

After the monsoon last night, it was difficult to figure out where to start with packing wet stuff. Such a mess. I really like the Ortlieb panniers, I can pack the tent wet and don't fret about it. Dry bag or wet bag.
Breakfast at the restaurant/convenient store was not really adequate. I had oj, peanuts and a fresh homemade cinnamon roll, supplemented by a Cliff bar. No services for the whole 37 mile day; this in preparation for upcoming 60 milers with no services.
Most of the group spent the night in a shed offered up by the store owners. Just so you get the picture clearly, 6 adults on the floor of a backyard garden sized shed with no ventilation in a night of pouring rain. I probably couldn't sleep better that way, but they reported they slept fine.
Today was the first day ever I could have fallen asleep on my bike.

I remember little of the ride, except arriving in Newton. We were picked up there by Bill's wife Sammye and his sister-in-law Vicky, in two pickups. So sweet, they took us to the
Coleman factory store and bike shop, then waited while we did our thing. Then Sammye cooked us a lovely meal with corn on the cob, lasagna and spinach salad. It was so nice to have a home cooked meal; you just can't get food like that in a restaurant. Affirmation of Human Goodness.

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