Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Dighton to Leoti, KS 50 miles

We bolted from Dighton at 6am and were on the road before the sun came up. Not a bad strategy. In Scott City Bill and I stopped for a second breakfast. Sara and Janelle stopped for a quick snack and moved on and we did not see them again the whole day. We moved at a decent pace, but Bill was not feeling well, so we took longer and more frequent breaks. This put us always just behind Sara and Janelle, so we were unable to offer draft support. As a result, we were unable to make it the 75 miles slated for the day. No biggie, we just adjust the schedule.
Leoti offered us a pool and showers. Many kind folks reached out to us with offers of assistance, including rides, water and showers. Sweet people in a sweet town. Two people offered up the info that this was Steve Tasker's hometown when they found I was from Buffalo, NY. He is a Buffalo Bills football player.

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Betsy said...

I passed a distance-biker on the road today and thought of y'all. Temps were in mid-90's, so I went to nearby store and bought him some cold drinks, then gave it to him as he went by. My kids got a kick out of hearing a few of his Connecticut - N.O. stories.

biketrekker said...

Nice. Happiness, pass it on.