Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Pueblo Reservoir to routes 50 and 0

Flat, up, down, down, down. Headwinds out of the reservoir turned into hills we have forgotten how to climb. We ran out of water and energy at Wetmore, so went 1.5 miles down the Western Express to find a grocery store and water. They had two 9 month old mastiffs in that little store.
Turns out that if we had just kept going it was pretty much all downhill to Florence, where we reconnected with Sara for lunch. On the way we saw an amazing old grader, which would have been pulled by a tractor. Still in great shape it was very complicated with gears and wheels.

Rest stop in a cemetary.

A little dark, here's the view from our cabin at Mountain Vista (called Mountain View on the AC maps). Very bike friendly place. The owner said he would give us a 4 person cabin for the $20 tent site price if they were not filled up.

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