Thursday, July 08, 2010

Girard to Chanute, KS 49 miles

Ate scrambled eggs and crescents for breakfast.
We left in the pouring rain and not even out of the driveway, Janelle had a flat. She and Bill pulled it into the back of the Uhaul and fixed it, while Sara and I hid under someone's carport.
A Road detour made the trip a little dicy, forcing us out onto a moderately trafficed road with a high speed, but drivers were quite respectful.
There was no really good place to stop after the 20 mile mark, maybe just as well, since everyplace is cranking AC. We were still wet cold in Chanute and decided on a hotel with breakfast and a laundry. The incredible torrent of rushing water might have been alarming had we experienced it yesterday, because there were frequent signs warning of impassible sections of roadway at high water. Yesterday someone in a pickup stopped to say, "can you believe it's raining in Kansas?"

We made a pass at Walmart, buying food for dinner and a new bandanna for me to replace the one I lost at the Uhaul store when tightening my head set. Margauritas were then on the agenda at another of the seemingly commonexican restaurants.
The 3 Amigos and their increasing cohort showed up to camp in the park across from the hotel.

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rabjr320 said...

100 miles quite impressive. I don't even think of doing a century let alone on a fully loaded bike.

Question: what are you using to navigate? maps, cue sheets, gps, iphones? If maps what maps are you using?

Heat wave continues here 2 days till Canal tour.

rabjr320 said...

This just in from Bicycling magazine:
dog chasing a group of riders when one rider yells "Get off the couch!" the dog stops in it's track confused. Seemed to work.

biketrekker said...

We use Adventure Cycling Maps. They clue us into restaurants, groceries and accommodations.

I love the "get off the couch" thing. Sara tells them, "that's enough". A natural "dog whisperer".