Thursday, July 01, 2010

Chester to Farmington

clueless- waiting for brain dump, which seems to have been put on hold

Okay, let's see if I can retrieve the memories of this day in retrospect.
I spent some time trying to return the package from Bike Friday, containing the short cage for the derrailer. The guy from Danville seems to have fixed the problem by straightening the hanger (which visually looked fine to me, but was way out of whack). Tried to pawn the package off on a Fed Ex delivery driver, but ended up sending it back USPS.
An incredibly informed police station receptionist hooked us up with a city map and highlighted all the important parts. We enjoyed the use of the Civic Center for showers, then retired to the a city park for camping, while Janelle was given a wayward tour (still on her fully loaded bike) of all the highlights of the town (she just wanted to go to the park) by a zealous bike fanatic.
Bill and I enjoyed the playoffs for local teen baseball. A double header, they finished off the games under the lights at around 10pm.
Some time after this the women's room was locked and in the men's room, the toilet was overflowing, so the bathrooms were basically unusable. A dog woke us up at around 5am.

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Dugg said...


Reminds us of camping in the city park in Lander, Wyoming - complete with little league baseball under the lights. But in Lander, the toilets worked!

M & D