Saturday, July 24, 2010

Walden, CO to Riverside, WY 49 miles

Started out at 8 am. We stopped at the grocery store just outside of town to stock up. There will be basically no services for the next 50 miles.
Not much to say today. We crossed into Wyoming and a crosswind turned into a 5-10 mile an hour headwind.

Major long gradual climbs turned into forevers and downhills did not afford much of a break. We saw antelope for the first time today.
I made it into Riverside at around 1pm and was pleasantly surprised to find a campers or gas station mini- mart with Lipton iced tea.
A text message from Jamie encouraged us to do 18 more miles to Saratoga for cheap camping and free hot springs. Sara decided this sounded appealing and waited until the wind let up to go there.

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