Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Lander to Lander, 0 miles

Wow. That must have been some headwind. We made no forward progress today.
Sara, Rich, Jamie, Heidi and I assume Mac and Nick left today for Dubois. We hung back to give Ted a much deserved break. An amazing ability to handle pain.
We saw Heidi leaving town at 1:00 pm and assume Mac and Nick left shortly afterwards. It was already hot and that is a 74 mile trek and uphill.
This morning was occupied with the task of journaling, breakfast and laundry. The afternoon was consumed by lunch for everyone else and unsucessfully getting a haircut for me. Barber flat out refused to cut a woman's hair and the "beauty parlor" wanted $20. I'll let one of my tour mates cut it if I really get desperate.
They all had ice cream in Gambles. I think I remember Gambles from my childhood, though it might not have been the one in Lander. It has changed radically. Mostly filled with tourist items now, I remember saddles, jacknives and western wear.
Such a sucker for bookstores, I stopped in one to pick up a brand new fantasy paperbook and another to buy Bananagrams. At the end of the trip it will be given to Bill or Janelle.
We returned to charge our phones in the laundry room and play the game, then played some more down by the tents.
I should be swimming in the river.

At around 6:00 Bill and I went back to the BrewPub for ... Veggie burgers! A more gentrified town than I first thought. Then a visit to the grocery restocked me with bear claw pastries, wheat thins and grapes, then staples of every well balanced diet.

The guys strategize.


Dugg said...

Only time we ever stayed in Lander was when you were 4 - that's when we camped in the town park with the little league game in progress. The places that come to mind that fit your description are Ritz's Sporting Goods in Sheridan (where Sam Mavrakis kept fixing the Coleman stove and we got fishing tackle) and Falers in Pimedale. Say hello to Crowheart Butte on the way to Togwatee Pass - beautiful country.

Luv from M&D

biketrekker said...

I remember a store with knives, cowboy hats (real ones), saddles and saddle blankets and Indian jewelry. I got a torquios blue bead necklace at the store I am remembering. The layout was exactly the same as the Gambles. I am definately not confusing it with Ritz's; I remember that store distinctly, for we were in it when I was an adult. Falers? Maybe. The layout of the store was a deja vue. Even though the content was quite different, I could envision it as I had remembered. It is too bad they changed. It represented authentic western to me as a child.