Saturday, July 17, 2010

Sheridan Lake to Haswell, CO 51 miles

We got up around 5:00 and were moving down the road by 5:45. Even this was a late start, because we have been aiming for a pre-dawn start. Even though it plunks us into camp at noon, this scenario keeps us off the roads at peak heat.

This is grain. The permanent wooden structure appears to keep the grain off the ground.

Here is the shower setup.

The terrain shifted from flat to undulating and back again. Interesting how the environment changes over 50 mile increments.
Bill calls the silos Prairie castles. They often seem poised forever on the horizon.

Sage first appeared today.
The elevation in Eads 4213.
Jack rabbits have started appearing also.
The elevation in Haswell, the next town was 4538.

Here Janelle works on evening out her biker tan.

While looking for the natuon's smallest jail, we stumbled across a zip line in a small park. It was hung up part way down its cable, but Bill got it moving again, climbed the platform and swung out. Flying along the cable, he discovered why the pulley was hung up the way it had been. The pulley abruptly stopped, leaving Bill dangling like a participle four feet off the ground. I was on the phone and attempting to keep myself from wetting my pants, I was laughing so hard, but Janelle had the wherewithal to pull the rope towards the other end.
The nations smallest jail was... wait for it... small. I took a picture with my regular camera. I hope to post that picture and the movie of the zip line incedent when I get home.
A couple on their way to a birthday party stopped and gave us each a beer. Most of mine went to Sara. Budweiser. Snobby, aren't I?

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rabjr320 said...

Budweiser is the international medium of exchange - you can get anything done with Budweiser especially apartment moving (2 times)

Area is so flat.

We are still hot and humid here. Erie Canal tour ends today don't know how everyone

biketrekker said...

I took a look at the Buffalo weather and it is more humid, but cooler. Canon City is 91 at 12:00. Thought it would be cooler, but we have not climbed.
I will have to start carrying a 6 pack of Budweiser. Will it still work if it is warm?