Thursday, July 01, 2010

Farmington to Centerville, MO 56 miles

The bike path out of town was poorly marked and we decided not to go up a steep hill to try to find it, so we took the longer road way around a big state park. Whatever.
We stopped for breakfast in Bismark.
Johnson's Shut In state park offered great water fun and there was no admission for cyclists. A beautiful little river, perfect temperature, with boulders and holes and waterfalls all made it difficult to leave a really scenic spot.
I watched a bald eagle being harrassed by little birds until it sought refuge in the bottom branches of a pine.
The terrain was often flat and with the tailwind we flew along at about 21mph.
There was a scenic detour off route 32, on which we missed a turn, but overall, it kept us off a rather bad part of road with a debris ladden shoulder and cement pavement with joints.
I turned around to follow Bill down a deep gravel path towards a river access point. He had noticed a car stuck up to its axles. He asked what my opinion was and I told him I was thinking of a wrecker. No, not Bill. After thinking on it for a spell, he suggested jacking the drive wheel, shoving large rocks under it, then digging out the frame. I can't believe it worked. I think Bill is the patron saint of hopeless causes.

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