Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Rush Center to Dighton 64 miles

This section of Kansas is really desolate. There are often no services, even though the AC maps state there are; some services only exist early in the morning or late in the afternoon.
We had only 100 degree water to drink after Ness City.

Twenty miles out of our destination, we took refuge in the shadow of a silo, the only object large enough at 1pm to cast useable shade. The temperature was probably 105 and the winds 20 mph. We stayed there until 4:30, which was a mistake, since the temperature never dropped and the wind actually got stronger.

Bill and I got into Dighton at around 8:30 and immediately hit the ice cream stand. There an entire group got out of their car to offer us the air conditioned space. So sweet. We also met the sag driver of a family trio attempting to cover 8,000 miles. She suggested a really local hotel, which was cheap and would cater to cyclists. Perfect. We ate at a well stocked 24 hour convenience store where we met 3 westbounders. They had heard of the 3 Amigas, but since they had always been one step behind, felt they must be phantoms. It was quite late when we concluded business and collapsed.

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rabjr320 said...

What is the water situation? How much water do you use daily? any difference in taste as you travel?

biketrekker said...

I really thought we were in trouble that day. On a day like this, I carry 2 27oz bottles, plus a 2 liter Dromodary bag.
I have never run out, but come close, because I do share. Water is the one place we need to be extremely careful. You can be hungry and still move...
Interestingly, especially in the plains, where farming is the main occupation, pickups will readily stop and give you a lift, if necessary. As a result, there are few situations from which you could not gain almost instant help.