Sunday, July 25, 2010

Riverside to Rawlins, WY 69 miles

Got up and left at 6am to avoid the wind. We ate breakfast in Saratoga and thought we might see Sara, but she had moved on.
There were coyotes on the range today, one 25 feet away from the roadway was trying to find a way through a tightly woven fence. The other was alone just before interstate 80.
Bill had just commented that there were no herds of antelope around and presto a herd of about 25 appeared.
The Trans Am routed us onto Interstate 80, a very interesting experience. With a wide smooth shoulder, there was a rumble strip to ward away the cars and trucks. Loud, but not so bad.
In Sinclair, we experienced the Sinclair refinery in all its glory. We both thought the town looked like a company town. Amazingly enough, I had one of the best meals there at Su Casa.

There we met Mark from California who is cycling the Trans Am from w to e, raising awareness of finning, a term which refers to the practice of catching sharks, cutting off their fins and dumping them back in the ocean to bleed to death. This reminds me of the practice of killing bison for their hides or rhinos for their horns. His webite is

Ted disassembled his rear hub, cleaned and tightened it in an attempt to correct a freewheeling issue.
We ended up staying at RV World. Both campgrounds were private but this particular one had a pavillion, whereas the other had no shade at all. Whatever. Showers and running water. Things could always be worse.
I went back towards town, in part out of boredom and in part to get something cold to drink that wasn't soda pop, and Bill called me to tell me he found an ice cream shop.

There we met Mike Mizer from near St. Louis. He began from there and does about 30 miles per day, with no real deadlines. He and Bill compared their Trek 520 models.
We left the ice cream shop at around 6:30. By then the temp had cooled and we could eat a little something for dinner and shower. Beautiful sunset and a full Halloween moon, complete with streaky clouds.

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