Sunday, July 18, 2010

Haswell to Fowler, CO 57 miles

Up at 4:30, out at 5 am. Beautiful sunrise.

Kind of cool to see all of our shadows on the roadside.

We are now seeing many mule deer leaping fences.
We traveled alongside the Neverending Train today. It appears Union Pacific is using a chunk of unused rail line at least 10 miles long to store empty automobile transport cars. They were a special haven for enormous spiders. A better deterant to keep people from climbing around on them is unlikely.
We passed two prisons today in 57 miles. I said they were prisons for bad cows. You know the ad where they show what happens when salad dressing goes bad; they open the fridge and show a jar of salad dressing with a pistol?
Our goal was Ordway today, but we miscalculated the mileage as 60 and it was 40. 9 am was a little too early to quit, so we cancelled our Warmshowers appearance, ate second breakfast and left to go 20 more miles to Fowler. Nice little town with a hotel, grocer and laundromat. We asked at the hotel if we could put 3 in the room (Sara found her own accomodations) and the woman said she didn't care I'd we put 6 in there. She also told us her dig was really friendly and that the sheriff was in the room next door. In the next breath she told us that if we left the door open he might come right in and I asked if she meant the sheriff or the dog.

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