Sunday, July 04, 2010

Fair Grove to Golden City, MO 70 miles

At around 10:30pm last night we scared a fox out of the pavillion. It really was not scared of me.
We lost Ted this morning. He was getting a little saddle sore and wanted a couple of days to see if he could recover. Since we are resting near Wichita, we can't really take days now. I have high hopes he will catch us after Wichita.
We had breakfast in camp from the groceries we bought last night.

Here is Elliott all decked out with his bike.

Here is a rail spur with a bunch of railroad building and repairing equipment on in. It looked like they built the spur there temporarily for it, but maybe not.

Too lazy to work our way back to the restaurant Janelle, Sara and Bill located, we ate lunch in pavillion in a not very friendly town.

Random thoughts: It was cool to see this huge farm equipment dealership, road kills now include armadillos and I noticed irrigation equipment for the first time.
I did a brute force turtle rescue today. It was in the oncoming lane, with a car coming at it. Since it was already tucked into its shell, I slowed and gave it a swift kick before returning to my lane.
There were still loads of hills and then they just seemed to suddenly end. Weird.
Dwight and I caught up to Sara and Elliott at their personal swimming hole and they kindly invited us in. Invitation only; I felt kind of special.

At the end of the day, we met Allen from New Zealand and Bill and I spent about 30 minutes resetting his bike computer. It is amazing how many functions can be controlled and set by 4 buttons.

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