Sunday, June 29, 2014

Easing into the first tour of summer

A friend has committed to cycling all of the Finger Lakes in NY and she is almost finished, Cayuga being one of the last. Her and another friend and I joined on the eastern shore of the lake, left our cars and circumnavigated the lake counter-clockwise.
The weather was beautiful, not too hot, not too cool and no rain. The total distance is just short of 100 miles, so we had decided to try to stay in Ithaca.
I contacted a Warmshowers host there, who agreed to host us for a night. This was a fantastic initial exposure to Warmshowers for both Linda and Patty.  The hosts were sweet, engaging, and provided an optimum intro into the WS concept. Patty actually hosted their next night's guests when she got back home.  WS is such a great idea and it has never failed to pair me with both great hosts and great guests.

A fun end to a fun ride; we all jumped off the dock and Patty's friend's house into the lake. It was a terrific way to get clean and cool off, though the neighbors may have had to avoid drinking the water for a while : )