Monday, July 12, 2010

Newton to Sterling, KS 60 miles

Sara and I were supposed to be up at 5am, but I did not set an alarm. We woke up at 5:30; no birds or sun to wake us! We scrambled to catch up to everyone else. Sammy got up just to drive us back to where she picked us up. We only needed the one pickup for the 4 bikes: Bob took Janelle's trailer, Janelle and the food Sammye so sweetly gave us. When we got back Newton, Bill's friend Jerry met us and escorted us to the town line.

Bill is our designated tire inflator. He is really full of air.

Saying goodbye to Sammye and later Jeff.

Nice sunflower field.

We had lunch out of Bob's car, then had a beautiful ride through beautiful scenery. We met Edward, a West to Easter, who is going to Maine eventually, then back tracking to Chicago. He may look us up on Warmshowers when he pops through Buffalo.
At one point we sat under some shade trees and Bill took a nap. It is a lot of work taking days off!
We had ice cream at the only town before Sterling, but should have held off, because there was much better ice cream in Sterling proper. So we had to have more. Since we went 60 miles, we were entitled.
Math question of the day (I know, school is out): if we have to go 30 miles before ice cream, how far would we have to go to eat ice cream 3x?
Sara, Bill and I set up in the park, while Janelle and Bob got a hotel room.

Brock, Nicole and Kelsi, cousins from Hutchinson, KS were playing at the pool at Sterling! Pretty cool kids.

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rabjr320 said...

I would go 100 miles for a chocolate malted milkshake. But Ceil's is just down South Park and Charlap's (the best) is on Boston State Rd

? what do you use to charge your phone? ipod? etc?

biketrekker said...

We only have to go 30 miles to meet the requirements, but unfortunately, there are rarely ice cream shops every 30 miles. In one town, soft serve ice cream with flavoring was promoted as ice cream. I thought, "what the @#$%^&"!, I came 60 miles for this?"
I charge my phone with a regular plug. Rarely is there no where to plug it in. We eat at a restaurant about once a day and choose a table according to its proximity to an outlet!