Saturday, July 03, 2010

Houstin to Hartville, MO

Elliott decided to ride with us today, so he and Dwight hurriedly got him ready, then went into town to have breakfast and said goodbye to Dwight.
In BenDavis we spoke on the forbidden topic of politics with the store owner. He could not believe anyone voted for Obama. One member of our group is staunchly Republican, but we mostly just smiled and dropped it.
We later heard that he told the 3 Amigos that there were a bunch of dreaded Obama supporters ahead.
One room schoolhouse.

On a steep hill, Elliott did a little bravado stunt and rode back down to do it again. Unloaded bike. May be a fluke.

Ted, no walking.

Elliott's second run.

Janelle, no walking.
Elliott was way ahead of me and I had yet to give him a lecture about dog strategies. As I was about to crest a hill I heard a great deal of barking and feared the worst, but Elliott had dismounted (he needed to know which way to turn) and placed his bike between him and the dogs. I raced up and rode right at the largest one growling and barking at it. It yelped and ran off.

On arriving in Hartville, we immediately sought ice cream. Apparently the grocery store burned down last month, so they had no bananas for splits. The town has rallied, though, and offers seniors a shuttle to the next town over. Also the Dollar General has started carrying bread, milk and eggs.
Dwight rejoined us. I told him there was a Uhaul return station here, so he will start riding tomorrow and then rent a Uhaul near Wichita to get he and Elliott back to the car. The car will be left here in Harville.
We finished the leftover sauce and pasta, salad and grapes.
Locals are shooting off a lot of fireworks right in front of the courthouse commons where our tents are set up. We have been joined by the 3 Amigos, three guys (Mike, Bobby and Nick) and then 2 guys going W to E. Pretty large crew. It is especially thrilling to see the 3 Amigos.

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