Saturday, July 03, 2010

Eminance to Houston, MO 46 miles

Breakfast was in Eminance. I ordered 2 orders of everything and drank almost a quart of OJ.
Ted got a new hat... He now looks like he should be golfing.

I took Bill down because he stole the garbage. I doubt I could do it again, the element of surprise would be lacking.
There was nice firetower en route, which Bill bet me would be locked. It wasn't. We climbed to almost the top, but there was a locked platform, possibly to keep people from messing with weather monitoring equipment or something. I had a little trouble with vertigo, but of course Bill did not, so he just had to shake the tower.

We stuck together for the most part today.

Bill calls these Hay cows (kind of far off- you can see the bales in the field; there is no zoom on the iPhone).
Dwight provided a little sag for the day. I let him carry my tent, in part because Elliott was still asleep in it. He and Elliott showed up in Houston. We took a dip in the pool and Dwight cooked dinner.

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