Thursday, July 08, 2010

Chanute to Cassoday, KS 100 miles

Got a late start on the day; blackout curtains and a lack of birds left us sleeping until Janelle knocked on the door at 6:45 and announced she and Sara were leaving. Jumping up and eating breakfast still put us an hour behind.
In Coyville, Bill got a call that Janelle and Sara were with 2 of the Amigos in Toronto (planned end point) and were feeling too good to stop, so they were continuing on to Eureka. We caught them as they were leaving Toronto. Stopped there to eat lunch and we were blindsided by a shop owner who decided to put bacon in the potato salad. We gave it to the guys (Bobby, Mike and Rich), who showed up on our tails.

We had traveled with them for a short time in the morning, but they had fallen back.

Everyone joined back together in Eureka, where Janelle and Sara had decided they were up to the challenge of a Century ride with Jamie and Heidi of the 3 Amigos fame. I expressed my reservations, considering the dark ominous clouds we were headed for, the fact that my arm kept going numb and that I was experiencing some irritation in an unmentionable place. After applying bag balm to aforementioned place, we moved forward anyways.
We got poured on, but I spurred everyone on by singing :)
We did not stop on Rosalia, which is really good, because my knees tend to seize up if I stop and get cold. We did stop long enough to torment Bill with really crude jokes. We also complained that he told us: Kansas is flat (not this part), dry (hello, it was pouring on us) and that when it did rain, there was no wind (headwind, about 5ph). He also promised that Kansas had mostly exported its tornadoes to Nebraska (he better be right on that one).

We all made it. It was the first Century Janelle and Sara had ever done. A very happy group of 9 landed in Cassoday at the convenience store. Bill and I went to the park to set up our tents before learning that the store owner invited everyone to camp there.
Here is Jamie biting the head off a snake (gummy).

We moved our tents under the gazebo, but I left my fly off, because the sky was clear. At around 10:30, the clear skies opened up and doused us heartily for several hours. I hate it when Bill is right, even when he doesn't say, I told you so (which he usually does).

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