Saturday, July 03, 2010

Hartville to Fair Grove, MO 43 miles

We had breakfast at the cafe in town, the cafe one of the guys referred to as the place with "how to kill animals" on the TV. We were joined by 1 Amigo and two of the guys.

Quite a ways out town we met Lulu and Sue who started from San Francisco. Both hail from the East and are friends from college in Phili.

In Marshfield, the townspeople let us join their parade. We squeezed between the firetrucks and the elected officials. It was pretty cool, especially since we were joined by two Amigos and two of the guys and that both Bill and Janelle wanted to do it. We had to go super slow (2.3mph) to stay behind the firetrucks.
Rolling hills, tail or no wind. We caught up to some of the Amigos and guys and they returned a water bottle we left behind. They will move on to visit someone near Springfield, but we may see them in a few days. Surely they will pass us as we rest near Newton, KS to visit with Bill's people.
Ice cream in friendly Fair Grove, where they open their park/ historical site with bathrooms to cyclists.
A well stocked grocery store will make up for the fact that there will be no breakfast place open tomorrow, which is the 4th of July.

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Betsy said...

I met y'all in Rough River, KY. I am home from vacation and I am thoroughly enjoying your blog! Every time I pass a bike rider on the road, I say a prayer for all of you. Special hug to Sara from all of us!

biketrekker said...

I will pass on the hug! Monday is her birthday, too!

Anonymous said...

Leslie... nice to see Elliott joined..looks like u guys are having the time of your life!!!
Stay safe on the road,

Anonymous said...

oooppss! anon is me, terry!!
loved the blog!!

Anonymous said...

terry j is anon..