Thursday, July 22, 2010

Route 50 and 9 to Fairplay 72 miles

Left Dawn before dawn. It was about 65 degrees, so I started for the second day in a row with arm warmers on and added the rain coat. Dawn had purchased subs for us last night, so I ate half for breakfast and the rest of the spaghetti from last night.

Bob Kippley brought Sara back to our fold. She had remained in Canon City last night. Remember the tour title: The Affirmation of Human Goodness.
Met Jim and Sharon out of Denver going East. ( They have no set schedule, but told us to go into Guffey; very out of the box.

We mossied into Guffey for breakfast. That would be third breakfast for those counting: spaghetti, 1/2 sub and Guffey. The elevation there is 8600. Interesting town. It's probably what Steamboat Springs was before it became yuppized. Or Breckenridge.
We did a lot of climbing. Most were long gradual climbs, which wore me down a surprising amount. From Guffey to Fairplay was very moderate in gains and losses: the section leading up to Guffey from 9 and 50 was the most strenuous and ranked the greatest elevation gains.
Here is the first glimpse of the Preaidential Range. We had milkshakes in Hartsel, where we met up with Dawn again.
Ted was waiting for us by the side of the road with cold drinks; a very nice reunion!

A supremely long gradual downhill led to Fairplay and Janelle and I felt that it was somehow undeserved.

Fairplay's elevation is 9000. We think we gained about 4,500 feet.

Dawn met us at the grocery store there and guess what? She had cold drinks for us? She and Ted cheered when we came in. She had some doubts about us making it. Eat crow, Dawn!
The bikeshop in Fairplay was useless for anything. The guy didn't even know what a head set was.
We moved the bikes to Sara's sister's house via car and bike carrier. The road is fine for cars, but a little rough for bikes. A
beautiful house, remember the name of the tour: Affirmation of Human Goodness.
Bill and I went to Alma by car with his brother-in-law Larry, while everyone else cooked at the house. It was a really nice evening at the house later, where the nice mix included Dawn and the return of Ted.

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