Friday, July 16, 2010

Leoti to Sheridan Lake, CO 52.5 miles

Everyone slept through the 9- midnight moonlight madness at the pool, next to which we were camped. Apparently it only happens once a year and last night was it.
The wind had died to nothing by 9pm, but by this morning it had crept up, changing directions. We got up at 4:30am and were on the road by 6am. By 8:30 we had gone 25 easy miles. We stopped at a diner in Tribune, only to discover we had crossed another time zone. Mountain Time, baby!

This picture is a little dark, but I wanted to remember the moment. A farmer came by in a pickup and laughed at our photo op. He's probabaly thinking "darn tourists" (edited for content).

As we cycled towards our destination of Sheridan Lake, the SW wind picked up and the temperature edged towards 85.

Crossing into Colorado, Bill's prediction of worsening roadways came true almost immediately.

When we stopped for the ritual "Welcome to..." photo opportunity, several happy and welcoming honks were directed our way.
This sign immediately proceeded the Welcome sign.

We chose Sheridan Lake because of the AC map adendum and reports from the 3 Amigas. Whereas there used to be no services, there is now a deli/ mini-mart and the church there hosts cyclists. Virgil, the pastor came to the store and welcomed us. The church is roomy and he left a spiritual cd playing to greet us in his absence. We had stopped riding at 11:30am.
We napped, worked on journals, read and I went for a jog. It was too hot to go much more than about 1.5 miles.
In the evening massive storm came through. Mostly it missed us, but we got the wind, lightning and beautiful panaramic coloring.

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