Tuesday, July 06, 2010

Golden City to Girard,KS 57 miles

Stopped in town at Cooky's for breakfast with Allen; blueberry pancakes!

We crossed into Kansas and stopped for our ritualistic photo session.

Each person has a camera, so each one is set on my bike on self-timer to record the moment. Elliott poo-pooed the strategy of using the bike as a tripod; he hasn't experienced my determination.

Everyone met back again in Pittsburg, KS for lunch. The jukebox had a weird ecclectic mix of choices and the oddity of selections compounded the weird outcome. Bill, Elliott and Sara each chose some tunes. Imagine the possibilities. I'll help you along by telling you that one of the songs was "Another One Bites the Dust", by Queen. There was a peculiar theme running through them, however, because a bad needle or something made them all sound like they were recorded during a thunderstorm (Dwight's comment).
Dwight picked up a Uhaul in Pittsburg and will use it to get him and Elliott back to our car. He met us in Girard.
Coming into Girard, Janelle, sara and Bill asked local John Bloomer where the city park was located and he instead directed them to a recently vacated rental home he owns. This was a supreme blessing, since a thunderstorm with a boatload of rain proceded to dump down.

We heard from Ted; he has decided to pull out from the tour due to a severe saddle sore. We are trying to convince him to rejoin us in Pueblo, CO or somewhere. Dwight and Elliott will travel back tomorrow with the Uhaul, pick up Ted, return him to St. Louis and then mozy on home.
At dinner in a Mexican restaurant where the staff spoke only limited English, the waiter taunted us by first telling us they could make us Margueritas, then telling us he was joking. Dwight has named us Bill's Angels. Bill has named us the Fallen Angels.

Chocolate ice cream awaited us due to the availability of a freezer. Remember the name of the tour: Affirmation of Human Goodness. A shout out to John and Susan Bloomer.

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rabjr320 said...

How do you ride in 90 degree tempt? I rode Sat morning from S. Buffalo to Amherst St/Niagara ST/Bike path up to Amhers6 Museum. Marking the whole route as I went pulling my trailer as I rode (why did I think it was going to be easy with a trailer?) Well I got as far as Amherst Museum and called Suzanne for a pick up, we then marked the rest of the route by car. I did not want to ride East Canal Rd Bear Ridge in 85+ tempts and besides I think I was on the verge of heat exhaustion. I spent the rest of the holiday weekend poolside in Lockport and got home today on the NFTA bus with the consent of a rude driver (my bike wasn't allowed on the bus - 89 degrees out and he was giving me a hard time ???? *&*(*^%!!!).

Any ways how is the Friday doing on your trip? I see you have someone pulling a trailer? How do they like that compared to panniers?

My GPS tells me that I burned 1200 calories Saturday that means I get a large Chocolate malted milk shake tonight.

This weekend Erie Canal Tour 500 + riders and staff.

Ride safe

biketrekker said...

Heat? What is a little heat? How about rain?
Are you saying that the driver wouldn't allow your folder on the bus? That is outrageous!
The Bike Friday is doing pretty well. Great pickup, especially on hills. Only complaint is that the bike apparently came with a bent deraillier hanger. I couldn't figure out why the deraillier struck the tire in the lowest gear; ouch.
The woman pulling the trailer loves it, I don't like it. Too much drag and a propensity to keep adding weight.
Thanks for the good wishes!