Sunday, June 06, 2010

Vesuvious to Lexington, VA 23 miles

The scenery was beautiful on our way out of Vesuvious. Maybe some kind person (coughrachel), could zoom this picture in so we can actually see Bill.

Rolling hills and flat terrian were We came into Lexington really early and began looking for a place to stay. A policewoman suggested a town park and the athletic field at Washington Lee University and went so far as to call the campus police and secure permission for us. In the end, Ted opted for the park and the rest of us for the Red Carpet Inn. We did laundry and shopped in a large grocery store, then Bill and I did a half hearted walking/cyling tour.

We saw the Chapel at Washington Lee University, where General Robert E. Lee is buried. He was once president of the university. Stonewall Jackson's house is also here, and I got a brief history lesson from Bill about the Civil War. Not so civil.

There is a really nice looking health food store here, but I waited too long and it was closed. We were also joined briefly by Rick, a currently local cyclist, who did the BikeCentenial in 1976. He did go on a bit about the mountains in western Virginia. I wasn't worried about those before.
Janelle's husband showed up for a surprise visit. Very sweet.

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Paul Glen said...

Hi Leslie,

Your blog was recommended by my friend Sara, one of your riding companions, I'm really enjoying reading it from distant shores (Scotland)having just returned from a 5 week cycle tour in Europe myself, look forward to your next posting, if you would be so kind, please give my regards to Sara.
Bon Voyage!

biketrekker said...

Nice to hear from you, Paul! Will pass the message on to Sara. She will be thriiled.