Friday, June 25, 2010

Marion, KY to Eddyville, IL

After eating breakfast at the Marion Cafe, we headed out 9 miles to the ferry which will deposit us in Illinois.

The ferry is free and takes about 10 minutes to cross the Ohio River. It is quite astonishing how the ferrymen spin the ferry around in a pretty steady current and look as though they are going to miss the dock, then gun the engines and swing it at the last moment to line up with the dock exactly.

Um. Here's Bill. Maybe he isn't feeling well.

Thanks to Carmen from Florida for taking our picture!

Ted and Mike- quality photographer, huh.

Left to right: Ted, Janelle, Sara, me, Mike and Bill.

We met Ben from California. He is going W to E in segments. His brother Tim drives the van and serves as official photographer. I see a need.

Are the hills here steeper/higher than Virginia?
We are beginning to see longer stretches with no services/ water and I have started filling and using the Dromodary water sack. Thanks for a great present Mom and Dad!
The grocery store in Eddyville is the same as most gas station/mini-marts. No fresh friuts or vegetables and extremely limited choices. Even beverages are limited. Before there were several choices besides soda pop and now there are sometimes none.
The campground is pretty nice and the owners sweet. They let us use the Lodge to cook and watch a movie, even though we had not rented the lodge.
Dinner was rice, kidney beans and tomato sauce. Fine. Not gourmet, but fulling and balanced.

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