Tuesday, June 08, 2010

Troutville to Radford, VA 64 miles

We bolted pretty quickly this morning and headed to a Country Cookin restaurant, which is probably a local chain. They had an all you can eat buffet, which was welcome. French toast, salad, cheesy potatoes... I ate well.
Dropped my gloves and went .5 miles back to retrieve them. No biggie, really.
Took this picture of an abandoned silo with a tree growing out of the top. Lots of wild peas.

The goat farm was decidedly different. A few cattle and some wheat, but not too much else.

The road the route followed was obviously quite old and though the road has been widened, the bridges have not.

Several people commented that this would be the hardest day of the whole route, but that seems unlikely. The mileage and severe hills combined to make it arduous, but the group managed wonderfully. Bill absolutely shocked me. I had decided to catch up to Mike and Ted to give them directions to our accomodations. I was pretending I was a pony express pony, having a good time and riding really fast. Bill caught up with me. I still think he must have held onto someone's side view mirror or something. We probably killed ourselves, though, because after about 20 miles, we began to need long breaks. Eventually, Sara and Janelle caught up with us. We never caught Mike and Ted until the next major town's library.

Although already whipped, we took a shortcut recommended by our night hosts Thad and Sara Lee. Remember the name of the tour "an affirmation of human kindness".
They took two of us to a bike shop, helped us get pizzas and let us do our laundry.
At the pizza place, I discovered a bike brake used as a door stop.

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