Saturday, June 19, 2010

Harrodsburg to Bardstown, KY 47 miles

We poked around making hot breakfasts as a thunderhead moved in (not me, the oatmeal hater). At some point I decided that I wanted to make a break for the grocery store and Janelle joined me; we beat the storm and arrived dry to eat a tasty breakfast. The rest of the group caught up, but got wet. We sat out most of the rain by eating at the store, much to Bill's chagrin. We traded dry feet for an early start; not a bad deal to me.
We travelled for quite a while as a group of 5 (Ted at library), then gradually split with Sara
and Mike out front and Janelle and Bill and I in the back. The storm cleared to a striking blue sky.

We decided to go off route to have an easier go of things and to ensure access to more services, but at a cost. About 15 miles were on a road with heavy to moderate traffic going 55 or better and no shoulder. As we approached Our Old Kentucky Home state park, the traffic became intense. Really nice showers awaited, however.
Bill and I tried in vain to get someone to walk the 1.5 miles into town to go to Old Talbot Tavern, but to no avail.

Ancient structure by the standards here. Beautiful stone buildings.
Here is another lousy picture, since I had to walk in a busy street's crosswalk to get it.

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