Tuesday, June 01, 2010

Glendale to Ashville

We left at around 7am. Other people ate oatmeal; I refused to stoop so low.

Sara and I got lost together. Math question of the day: Sara and I went 36 miles. Everyone else went 34. How many more miles did Sara and I go?
We were chased by our first dog today. It started chasing Sara, but then noticed me behind her. I must have looked tastier, because he shifted targets. I did manage to kick him in the face, not the outcome I predicted. I predicted I would fall off the bike. Michael says all the mean dogs live on uphills.
We set up our tents at around 1:30. Sara (from Thailand) says her tent is the third world style. No screen in the door, no vestibule and it cost 7 euros ($14). Everyone else had a mansion.


iz said...

Do you have a map of where you're going / where you are? It's interesting to follow your progress along for those of us playing at home.

Pookie said...

Is there any room for a rider on Mike's bike? Glad to hear that you guys are doing well. Luv

Dugg said...


Back in the day, I had two roommates who had motorcycles. The one with a Triumph Tiger had a quirt with a load of lead shot in the base for use against farm dogs chasing cycles. Not nice what happens to a dog on the receiving end of the quirt. But then, he had a friend who became a paraplegic after a dog encounter. Nature red with tooth and claw.

Luv Da Dugg

biketrekker said...

Iz-just look at the adventurecycling.com site under routes to see the route. We are doing the Trans Am!

Pookiee- Just enough room on Mike's bike for Mike. I can ask Janelle, though. SHE has a trailer.

And papadugg? The water worked great on the dog. Maybe dogs these days have just gone soft.