Friday, June 11, 2010

Radford to Wytheville, VA 47.5

Bill and I left our wonderful hosts, Thad and Sara Lee,

and headed out for breakfast, while the others feasted at the Lee's. We were hoping to find another of those all you can eat breakfast buffets. No such luck. We ended up at BK, where Bill conned them into making him a veggieburger at 7 am. I ate a breakfast muffin and French toast sticks. It was something in my tummy. More strenuous hills, rain and then wind caused me to tire easily and I ended up drafting off Bill most of the time.
A driver almost took Bill (in the lead of course) out, by passing him and then turning right in front of him. I could not believe the manuever he executed to avoid her. He turned right with her on the tiniest slip of pavement left to him and braked. Amazing.

We are staying in Elizabeth Brown Park. There is an ampitheatre under which we hope to pitch our tents. The forecasters are calling for torrential rain, which explains the wind. Nearby is the Presbyterian church in the picture above. Notice the "skirts" on the chimneys.
We had to take sponge baths; though there were showers available, they required 3 miles of travel to a community center and cost $6 (you could use all the other facilities).
Math question of the day: if my fastest speed was 38 miles per hour and slowest was 3, what was my average? Why would this be a poor way to guage my rate of travel?
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