Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Damascus to Council 48 miles

We began the day by eating at the Exon station called Cowboys. I had blueberry pancakes and they were ok. Who knew!

This morning Erica and Steve were leaving. We have seen them before and will probably see them again They are moving to Portland, basically by bike. Today their goal is to make it to the state border, 80 miles away.

There were two prolonged climbs today. I didn't think I was going to be able to climb hills worth beans, but wonder if the bike runs I did before work helped. Even though they were on the flat, I tried to keep my speed above 15 mph.
On the way up the longest one I stopped only once and thought that if someone asked me if I stopped I would tell them, "only once, to get into that pickup". I forgot that line by the time I reached the top. Janelle and Mike never stopped. Though they started from Meadowview, we had a joyous reunion in Rosedale. It poured on us most of the day. Math question of the day: if you are going 3.6 mph, about how long will it take you to climb a 3 mile hill?

We stopped for the night in a recreation park. The pool/showers closed at 5pm, so we really had to hustle.
Ted went on to next town to take advantage of a grocery store.
For dinner Bill and I ate the Chana masala Dwight so graciously bought me when

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