Saturday, June 26, 2010

Eddyville to Carbondale, Il

I realized I never named the horse campground: Bay Creek Ranch. I helped make eggs on the commercial kitchen. I haven't been in a commercial kitchen since I was a teen. We ate family style, with everything on platters.
I stopped at the Tunnel Hill park and was the only one to crank the .2 mile up the rail trail to see the tunnel. Amazingly skinny and housed in a man made gully.

Everyone stayed together until Goreville, where we split up. There was a beautiful ramble through Crab Orchard National Wildlife Refuge.

Bill's one comment had to be "what the heck is that huge planter doing here? There is not a field big enough here to use it".
Nearing Carbondale Bill and I missed the turnoff for Boskydell road, and someone told me to avoid it anyways. Unfortunately, Janelle, Sara and Ted did not receive the same advice. They all ended up on a terrible chip/tar road with traffic going 55 miles an hour, throwing stones and then the tar stuck to everything.
We managed to meet up at the Phoenix bike shop and arranged to bring the bikes back the next day. We went to Motel 6 and errands, including a drug store and dinner at Tres Amigos, concluded the evening.
Mike is talking about splitting off from the group. He says he is tired of the AC route taking the longest path with the most hills. He may continue, but make his own route, or change his destination. Whichever, he will probably still go to Chester tomorrow.
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Jim said...

Your comments and pictures make me wish I were back on the road with your group. (Sitting at home wiating for the shingles to completly clear up is no fun at all.) Your group knows how to enjoy a ride not just doing "point A to point B" everyday. ride Safe, Jim

biketrekker said...

Thanks. The most grueling day is still fabulous. Wishing you well.