Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Mamoth Caves to Rough River Lake 61 miles

Up at 6:15. Sweet Hendersons offered me coffee. Breakfast came from my panniers.
I went downhill and downhill and downhill to the river, where there was an actual ferry which was 1/3 as long as the river was wide. I hopped on with a car. Another car would have fit, but that would have been it. Run by the NPS.

I rode 15 miles, then asked a trucker with a flat bed loaded with a bulldozer and frontloader if he was going towards Sonora. He said "no", but then came back and told me he would take me. His name was Audrey. So sweet. He strapped my bike to the front of the trailer like a pro! It was funny zooming along at 55 mph. He dropped me right on my route! Delicious! Thanks Aubrey!

When calling the group to ask where they were, I learned they had decided that it was a good idea for Bill to ride part way down the Mammoth Cave loop to keep me company. So he was 10 miles south of me. It would have been funny, except that Bill did so many extra miles. Math question of the day: for the round trip, how many extra miles did Bill do?
When he re-reached Sonora, we ate at a restaurant which looks closed from the outside, which is unfortunate because most cyclists probably pass it by. I had strawberry shortcake.
Only an isolated hill required pushing, but overall the temperature approached 100 degrees and made the miles into work.
At Rough River State Park we grabbed two campsites. Since the swimming is closed due to eColi, showers were our only defense to the heat. Not too enamoured of the sites. The flatest ones were reserved for RVs. There was no one to collect the fee and we will probably be out before they come in the morning. I have to admit, the showers were quite nice.
Betsy, there from Mississippi with her children, was really sweet to give us a ride to a restaurant and also retrieve us two hours later.

She also gave us blueberries they had picked.
Here is a bad picture of Janelle rocking on the restaurant porch.

The evening ended with Bill, Sara and I rambling down to the dam spillway, where Sara and I promptly dozed off. The rush of water was very soothing and it was markedly cooler there.

Horses no fun norun

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