Sunday, June 06, 2010

Afton to Vesuvius, VA 32 miles

We left the cookie lady's house as neat as we could at around 7 AM.

Uphill from the getgo, we had to climb to the top of the ridge to Skyline Dr. These climbs require my second lowest gear for extended periods of time and I thought I would not be able to do them without taking many breaks, but I do fine.

Just for you, Elliott, the terrain is downhills and long 5% grade uphills... 15 min thrills for 18 miles of pergatory.

Here is John, who outdid both Bill and I.

Sara and Janelle.

We came back down the other side of the ridge, a 3 mile steep descent. People unfamiliar with touring think this should be fun, but in fact you can't just fly down the hill, for their are wicked switchbacks and braking heats up the wheels to amazing temperatures, which can cause the innertubes to melt and pop, making you crash.
We lost John and his wife Lea. They had to return home. John was an asset to the group, so I thought it was funny when he thanked me for allowing him to tag along (not to mention "I" didn't allow him).
Janelle asked people how they were going to end this trip and Mike quipped, "I was thinking a revolver or maybe poison".
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