Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Hindman to Buckhorn, KY

Breakfast was over the top. Strawberry shortcake, fresh fruit, oj, cake and cereal. Filled me right up. I had my first flat, must have been a slow leak, which was only apparent in the morning. Although I can fix a flat, Bill seemed to be just itching to fix it. I helped. Pushed (or actually held back) the bikes back down the hill. We had left our soggy sneakers in front of the dehumidifier, so they were all dried out; it is amazing how this lifts moral. David at the hostel also did our laundry, so we left in pretty much the best shape we could.
We were chased by many (at least 20) dogs, though none too seriously. Sometimes it is more of a worry about running into them than being bitten. Apparently thus is what took down an Adv. Cycling Guide. He broke his collar bone recently while leading a TransAm trip, when he ran into a dog.
We stayed mostly together today, with the exception of Ted, who stayed behind to work on the computer.
It was incredibly hot (95), but with no rain. Felt like a blast furnace.

We saw Steve and Erica a few times, but they will press on to Booneville.

We also re-discovered Heidi, Mac and Jamie, the three women Bill and I met hiding out from the rain in a garage yesterday. The six of us and the three of them are the only cyclists at Buckhorn State park (not to be confused with the resort with a very similar name). Really peaceful here. Bill and I walked up to the dam and reservoir and watched a large family horse around in the water. No rules here in Kentucky. Rained on us, which sent us to bed.

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