Thursday, June 17, 2010

Buckhorn to Berea, KY 78 miles

We ate breakfast at the mini-mart in Buckhorn and they were kind enough to give the password to their wireless, so I posted three blog entries and tried to Skype my husband, but he did not pick up. The phone number always is odd in caller id.
Many turtles were saved today. If I find them in the road, I move them. I won't stop the middle of a hill for a photo op, but will for a turtle. I asked Bill why they seem to like stopping in the middle of a hill, where it is so difficult to stop and rescue them. He said " turtles get tired on hills, too".
Many dogs today, but they really lacked the willpower to actually some biting. Steve sent me a text message warning me of a particularly bad one, however, and told me it took a bite out of his pannier. Still don't know if he was kidding.
Between Janelle, Bill and myself, we have different versions of the map. We decided to follow one set of directions, only to find there were no services on that route. Kind people filled our constantly emptied water bottles. It probably reached 95 degrees today.

The pat answer to any mileage question is now : 10 miles and all downhill.

We stopped for a stream break in late afternoon, which rejuvenated us for a while.
At 8:45 we reached Berea, KY. Tomorrow we scheduled a break day, which is good because the group is scattered. I know where Mike and Sara are, but not Ted.
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Eric Schonblom said...

I read your comment as a Buckhorn resident (and treasurer of the Buckhorn log church), but my comment has strictly to do with turtles. Turtles are found in the water, but on land they like to be dry, and when they can't find sand, they dry themselves on roads where they seek sunshine. As you will have noticed, there is more to be found on roads than sunlight.

biketrekker said...

Ditto for snakes. Surprisingly not too many of the road kill are turles or snakes!