Monday, June 07, 2010

Lexington to Troutville, VA 44 miles

We ate at the Lexington restaurant, an unpretentious diner. They served me an omlette with fresh vegies; totally surprised me.
Lots of rolling terrain; some of the downhills brought us up the next incline.
We stumbled upon Ransone's fountain and pharmacy in Buchanan. Old fashioned and in beautiful shape, the jukebox seemed to have not been updated since 1955. Loads of Elvis, Dean Martin and such.

Janelle reminded me of a journal worthy story. Mike reported he thought he heard a turkey vulture call his name. Two funny things about this: Ted had actually called him from far off and there is a book called "I Heard an Owl Call My Name", which recounts an Indian legend which declares that hearing an owl call your name is a portent of death.
The route today crossed and recrossed the railroad today and tonight in Troutville we sleep beside it.

Troutville is a really cute small town. We are camped in the town park and there is a huge amount of activity for a Monday night. A large Ultimate game with a pretty stellar crew, basketball non-stop, many people walking the track and many families with small children.
The grocery store is small but offers a wide array of appetizing foods and the fire dept. offered up its showers.
The town parks supervisor went home and swapped his motorcycle for a car so he could take half our crew to a restaurant.
It doesn't get much better than this.

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Grandma Lori said...

love your blog! so interesting. sounds like you haven't had much rain. hope your riding conditions continue to be good. sounds a little hot, tho. you seem to be enjoying your group. i would gladly host them when they ride through town.

i will join the group when you do the downhill trip.
i am definitely checking out your calf muscles in september.