Friday, June 25, 2010

Rough River Lake to Utica 48 miles

We ran over the 1,000 mile mark today. And over the three week mark as well. Serious milestones.
We ate at a restaurant where the customers were serving themselves coffee and water. Then at 8:30 we stopped and I got a chocolate milkshake. Since I am still on Eastern time and everyone else is on Central, the diners were all eating breakfast. Whatever.
Bill experienced an antique outhouse circa 1920's almost covered by a huge hydrangia outside the general store near Bells Run.
On the way down a hill, a Bee got in my shirt. It was stinging me as I tried to stop my bike and get it out. Unfortunately, since the Bike Friday has no top tube, when you stop, you can't hold the bike up with your legs, so while I was trying to get the bee out, the bike fell over, trapping me underneath. Wasn't funny then, but Bill said it looked like I was having a seizure. Funniest part, probably to everyone else (including the farmer on his tractor in a nearby field) was when I got really desperate and pulled my @&):/)$|€€£ shirt off. The bee had probably stung me three or more times. In the end, the scrapes to my knee and shoulder blade hurt more than the stings; it was most likely a sweat bee. It just wanted out.
In Utica we met up with the 3 Amigos. They were suffering from mechanical problems and Heidi had an ear infection. Two of them hitchhiked about 100 miles to a clinic which would accept her health coverage.
We met our first E to Wester (verified) today.

Ade from England was doing about 100 miles. He and his partner Simon (Scottland) had split up and we joined Simon at the firehouse in Utica. Ah AC... The firehouse has a little septic tank, so people were limited to 2 minute showers. I felt a little funny, so I did a sponge bath. If I had realized they had an outside spiggot, I would have ust used that (and watered the grass at the same time). Dinner was minute rice, chili beans and tomato paste, with cheese on top. There were a total of 8 people staying, and local people associated with the firehouse dropped in occasionally to see how we were faring. Two sets of people bought 1/2 gallons of ice cream... Roughing it.
We took group photos on the farm equipment and fire trucks.

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