Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Elkhorn to Hindman KY 64 miles

We had camped near the Russel Fork River and there was a pedestrian bridge built on an old railroad bridge. Last night I wanted to sleep on it, but that would have worried someone excessively. I did get up very early, however and walked out to read my book on it. A blue heron was out fishing and what I thought was a muskrat swam upstream. Such a beautiful spot.
The group split again today, with three taking an alternate route. Ted stayed behind in Elkhorn to use the library, while Bill and I moved on.
A new one, today we were chased by horses in a paddock. It was fabulous. We were also chased by packs of dogs with mini-legs. Fowl runs amuck.

Kudzue grows rampant here. It covers anything not moving. Bill told me that a man was in a restaurant for two hours and when he got out his car had been burried by kudzue. I pushed up 3 hills. We were poured on most of the time, meaning my shoes and pants were always wet. A problem, I can assure you. The roads sometimes looked like a driveway, but there were these coal trucks going up them, just the same.
The hostel/B&B is part of the town's historical society. I do not understand the relationship, but whatever. It is located at the top of a long very steep drive. The only cyclist who might make it up by pedalling would be a lightweight bike unencumbered. We all pushed, including Ted, though he claims it doesn't count because it was off route. David, who runs the hostel, let us try moonshine, fed us baked potatoes and ice cream Sundays

I know everyone is wondering what our feet look like, so here is a picture of them.

Cats, about 12- Sara (from Thailand) told the hostel guy that his cats looked delicious. He laughed and asked if he should worry and she told him he should do inventory in morning.

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