Thursday, June 17, 2010

Berea to Berea, KY

The only miles we did took is to a hardware store, healthfood store and laundromat. I walked to Wallmart to look for an athletic shirt, but they carried no real athlethic clothes at all. I did pick up an innertube and a box of ziplocks. Tried my first BK veggie burger. Was fine. Janelle and I walked to a small "Amish" market and got some dried foods and I went into the pool twice, once with Janelle, once with Sara.
We killed another map and have done over 700 miles.

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Dugg said...


Finally getting into familiar country (2 years in Kentucky and 5 in Cincinnati). Berea is a fine school for Appalachian kids and a great place to get Appalachian crafts. Buy a dulcimer for Rachel. Congrats on your first moonshine.

Pops and Moms

biketrekker said...

I didn't know you spent time in Kentucky!