Tuesday, June 01, 2010

Yorktown to Glendale, VA 65miles

I thought it would be a simple matter to do 65 miles today, since we were all fresh, but it was not so simple. We got lost going through historic Williamsburg, which we passed through twice.
The weather was pretty nice though: about 85 and clear with only moderate humidity and light winds.
Sara talked to a guy from Kansas in a coffee shop. It turned out he and Bill have a common friend. The gentleman invited us to dinner when we get to Kansas, so of course we took down his contact info.
I did get a chance to ride with two people today and draft with them. I am not sure they got as much out of me, since I am a little shorter.

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sally said...

Leslie, I'm following you! I might have to teach the folks at school how to sign up for your blog. You know, they're computer challenged. We miss you but I'm glad you're staying at decent places and meeting nice people.