Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Council, VA to Elkhorn City, KY 32 miles

No one stirred until about 6 am, pretty late for this group.
We encountered folks selling peaches, which they gave us one each for free (remember the name I gave the tour: Affirmation of Human Goodness AoHG)
Everywhere you looked you could see the effects of the amost constant rain (not a great picture, but very illustrative).

The Breaks Interstate Park offered beautiful glimpses of the Russell River. It was our goodbye to Virginia and hello to KENTUCKY!

Allen Gibson (AoHG) from Elkhorn, KY

gave us a lift back from Elkhorn to the river access point for the Breaks. Bill, Mike, Janelle and I got to shower, then he drove us back to town. Sara and Ted are already camping near the river.
When we got back, Allen was giving us directions to avoid some really steep hills and coal trucks, and Johnny Stewart, the owner of the Rusty Fork Cafe invited us to do our laundry in his cafe washer and dryer.
He also drove me all the way back to the showers to look for my missing clothes, which were in my bags the whole time. Embarrasing. I would have sworn in a court of law I didn't put them there, but I have made that mistake before. You would think I would learn.
We returned to the restaurant later for Karaoke.
BTW: if I haven't mentioned it, it's all about the people.
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