Friday, June 11, 2010

Wytheville to Damascus, VA

The remainder of the group split up today. Sara, Mike and Janelle will take an alternate, but parallel route and stay in Meadowview tonight. We will all join together again by tomorrow night, and maybe before then.
That left Bill and me to ride on to Damascus. Ted had sent an email to Mike and I, giving us helpful hints.

We started out of town and got breakfast. Then began the 59 mile trek. So beautiful. Hilly and long, but beautiful. We checked out the creek which ran along the Virginia Creeper bike trail. The big thing to do is to rent bikes, have them hauled to the top, the ride down. It is a rail trail, surfaced in cinders.

Although an alternate route, we did not take it.

The road was more fun anyways; top trip speed was established- 40 mph.
Found Ted at a hostel. He gave us the scoop. The whole town is very hippie. A convergence of the Appalacian trail, the AC bike trail and thrill seekers doing the Virginia Creeper Trail, the place is full of happy, if not dirty people.
"The Place" (hostel) is just a house with an honor system donation box, showers and bunks. So flop house, but pretty tidy, it is run by the local Methodist church.

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Rick said...

Hi there! Really enjoying this blog and great to hear all the adventures and you are having fun. Keep up the good work.

rabjr320 said...

Hi, how is the Friday doing on the ride? Great pics send more. Food seems to be an issue how is it so far? Allentown weekend going on here. Hot and humid some rain tonight cool things down a bit for tomorrow. Wish I was on the trip.

sally said...

Leslie, we miss you so much. I read your blog every day. Take care of yourself!