Thursday, August 05, 2010

Grant Village, WY to West Yellowstone, MT 50 miles

We traveled for a little while with Jamie, Heidi and Mike to Old Faithful and watched it erupt 2x.

We crossed two continental dive passes of over 8,000 feet. We have probably crossed the divide at least 8 times and have not yet finished with it.

When we joined forces with Ted and Janelle after Old Faithful, we stopped some of the pools, small geysers and mud pots.

We followed the Firehole and Madison Rivers for most of the day. Caught at the head of a storm, we managed to receive only strong winds and small hail. The "Welcome to Montana" sign within the park was pretty wimpy, but there was a nicer one outside the park at West Yellowstone.

It was mostly downhill to West Yellowstone.

We stayed at an RV park in West Yellowstone an were subjected to severe thunderstorms until midnight.

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