Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Lowell, ID to Harpster, ID 37 miles

We ate out of our packs and then headed out at around 7 am Pacific Coast time. Janelle unearthed a toad from under her tent.

I begged Bill to stop to pick blackberries, but he refused until Jamelle (who had just noticed them) slammed on her brakes in front of him and declared her intention to pick some. Why didn't I do that?

The first town we stopped for breakfast at refused to serve people like us; we were not guests. Hmmm.

We ended up going 23 miles to Kooskia for second breakfast, which had no phone service or open library. Feeling a little guilty, I did use a restaurant's (at which we did not eat) open wifi.
While Janelle and Ted did laundry, Bill and I moved on to an RV park just past Harpster. We passed through some construction on the way and I had my first non-recoverable asthma attack, brought on by some really dirty road equipment exhaust. I really hated to do it, but I used my inhaler.

At the RV park I went swimming in the Clearwater River. The depth and the current were such that it was like having your own lap pool; you stayed exactly in one place while swimming upstream. The water and air temperature were fabulous.
After milkshakes, we ate dinner out of our packs from the reprentished supplies purchased at the grocery in Kooskia.
A noisy thunderstorm passed over, while dropping hardly any rain. We had set up 3 out of four tents under their picnic pavillion.

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