Thursday, August 12, 2010

Riggins to New Meadow, ID 38 miles

The temperature was at the level where it was too cold for just a jersey and too warm for an additional layer.
Slow uphill, but not too diff
The view at top of the climb with a creek seemingly coming from nowhere was a surprise. Someone at our restaurant rest stop told us the road there would be horrible and she accurately reported this fact. Fortunately, there was probably lighter than usual traffic because it was raining. At the top there was a plateau rather than a downhill. Again the phenominon where the creek appears to be flowing uphill. Many more blackberries and persimmons, but we didn't stop.
Here are Janelle and Ted trying to figure out the intricacies of Ted's phone. The story of our lives.

In New Meadow we stopped in the "visitor information center", which was really no more than a kiosk with brochures. The RV campground was reluctant to allow tents and totally opposed to 4 of them. They did not have a laundry and it was 3 miles out of town.
The rain and cool temperatures made us whimpy, so we stayed at a hotel again. Kind of run down, it was warm and clean and had beds. Since the real restaurants all closed at 3pm, Bill and I had eaten a bigger meal for lunch and purchased groceries for a no cook dinner.

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