Friday, August 13, 2010

New Meadow to Cambridge, ID 68 miles

Last night I told Janelle to throw something at me if I snored. She said that if she could sleep through freight trains, she could sleep through me. I told her I would try to add a whistle so I would sound more like a train.
We enjoyed the mini, but tastey breakfast offered by the hotel: since it has a coffee shop attached, we got our choices of coffee, tea or hot cocoa and a baked good. Yum.
No more rain, but the fog was so thick it was impeding my forward progress. We do have blinky lights, so we had them on, but with virtually no shoulder, the traffic was a little dicy. Starting temp was 50 degrees. That isn't the coldest we've seen, but pretty cool. I had on: jersey, smartwool long sleeved, rain coat, cycling shorts, smartwool tights and stretch gloves. It took me 30 min. to lose the rain coat.
Odd how the fog was suddenly gone and the sun did shine. Looking back, you could see the edge of the fog as a stark line.
We mostly climbed away from New Meadow and the shoulder improved.

Bill says he has a hitch in his gitalong. I'll leave you to guess on the translation from Kansan. Maybe Babelfish might help.
Ok. Here I go trying to explain a family joke:
In 2004, when my family traveled out west, we noticed that in one state there seemed to be an incredibly high incidence of pickups with three dogs in the bed. Then we made a joke that there must be a law requiring 3 dogs in the bed of every pickup. A pickup with only 2 dogs would be stopped by the cops and the driver would nervously explain that they were currently on their way to the pound and that a dog had just fallen out. So this long winded tale is to explain the next pict.

If you look carefully, you will notice that in the back of these two trucks, whose drivers were related, there are three dogs. I supose they must have changed the rules, so that the additive property could make these two trucks legal. Private jokes often don't bear up to explanation.
The terrain was back to rolling arid with sage brush at the end ofthe day.
We stayed at the Frontier Hoyel and RV park. Really nice people own this. The camping is on the backyard and quite lovely. What a cute town, but struggling against a nearby Walmart. Walmart is a consistent small business killer and decimator of downtowns.
There is a hot tub for Bill's gitalong.

These two ladies are traveling from Eugene, OR to Montana. They bought their matching Bike Fridays at a BF black Friday sale. Never heard of it, but thought it was funny.

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Dugg said...

Yep, definitely the way things were in Wyoming. In some counties, only applies to trucks towing horse trailers. Are bike trekkers required to carry baling wire and duct tape? Just sayin'

Luv M&D

rabjr320 said...

To cure "hitch in gitalong" drink 2 Pan Galactic Gargleblasters (can also be applied directly, twice as effective but ..... well....)

Black Friday Sale - You can have a Bike Friday in any color so long as it's black.

Rachel said...

Gargleblasters sound more like a cure for something "Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy" related. Love it!

biketrekker said...

Bicyclists are required to carry pumps and cash.
Gargleblasters are definately from Hitchhiker's. I think they were what the dolphins drank when they got hitches in their getalongs.
I thought the Black Friday sale was really funny. How about a red Friday?