Saturday, August 07, 2010

Missoula, MT to Jerry Johnson's Hot Springs, ID 68 miles

I met Bill, Janelle and Ted at Denny's for breakfast, leaving behind Sara, Mike, Heidi and Jamie at the couchsurfing member's house. We slept last night on the open porch. No insects and low noise made it a really pleasant place to stay. I feared automatic sprinklers would come on, but this never came to pass.
We returned to Lolo the way we came. I did not realize Missoula was basically a spur, though I probably would have gone that
way regardless.
We stopped briefly at Lolo Hot Springs because everyone else except Sara had. There was a restaurant there and a couple we had met in Virginia City, MT Carol and Dave were there.

Cranking up Lolo Pass, we got a group picture, which included Sara for once, but not Heidi. Believe it or not, the visitor center had wifi, so I posted to this blog. No phone service; I should have used Skype to call home. We are now on Pacific time and in Idaho!

A beautiful suspension bridge leads to the hot springs trail, but Bill and I were too lazy to hike it.

Janelle and Ted did. I am surprised that Jamie, Mike, Heidi and Sara didn't stop. I think they may be trying for a century. This is an area with large stretches without services, so that would make sense.
We stayed at the Jerry Johnson Hot Springs Nat. Forest CG. Very peaceful.

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