Thursday, August 05, 2010

West Yellowstone, MT to Ennis, MT 74 miles

Met up with Sara at breakfast in town. She had shared a hotel room with Mike Mizor.
Someone erected a cell phone tower and disguised it as a fake pine tree; I wish I had taken a picture of it. Almost no one else noticed it.
We saw Ted and Janelle and i called out Boowoo to them, which was immediately followed by an ouch, ouch, ouch as I ran over the rumble strip.
The route parallelled beautiful bluffs.
Caught up with Mike Mizor, who Bill noticed had a bald tire. Ted kindly sold him a tire. I am not sure he would have gone much further, considering parts were delaminating.
We also caught up with Sara. She had stopped to prepare second breakfast. Mike also caught up with her and then Mike and Bill rode together while I zoomed forward looking for a bathroom. Mike pointed out several trees he thought might do, but I wanted the real deal.
Janelle shared a family sized cinnamon roll she got when we stopped at an RV camp store. It is not uncommon to find homemade cinnamon rolls in unlikely places.
At lunch Bill and I met 5 eastbounders.

Seems like a late start in the year, but probably not. They gave us the lowdown on upcoming problems and thrills and reciprocated.
The rest of day was a blur, apparently with a headwind for most of it. Low blood iron caused my head to float 2 feet above my body. I drafted off Bill for the last 30 miles. I had the strength to keep up, but was afraid I would fall over and Bill would run over me.
We met up with Sara and later Janelle and Ted at Ennis restaurant.

All but Sara wil be staying at an RV campground. Sara will camp at the high school. Janelle had the most perfect tatoo.

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