Thursday, August 05, 2010

Jackson to Darby, MT 77 miles

After breakfast in Wisdom, I noticed a landing strip and immediately after a plane buzzed the road over Ted and Janelle's heads and landed. Missed opportunities, I failed to get my camera out and shoot the picture:(
Hey, Dad, can you identify these flowers? They had three petals and three pointy sub-petals (can't remember what those are called...). They reminded me of trillium. They stood about a foot tall and had almost non-existant leaves.

The ride up to Chief Joseph pass was beautiful, with pines and an understory of fine green grass, which later turned into something less lush. The downhill, however, was major disappointment. Looking at the map I judged the grade more than adequate to reach 50 mph, but never passed 32 mph.

When we prepared to choose left or right at the intersection near the summit, to the left we would enter Idaho,

And to the right, Montana. SHOULDN'T WE BE GOING TO IDAHO? ... but no, we have to go to Missoula!

There was a Continental Divide Trail hiker in the tiny town of Sula. He commented about bear problems really being people problems. So accurate.
While in Sula, someone mentioned that there had just been a rock slide reported at Chief Joseph pass on 93, but we didn't see it. It is possible they meant route 43 on the way to Lost Trail Pass.
I will whine on behalf of the group: we had our fabulous downhill downgraded due to the consistent and increasing headwind, which made us PEDAL!
Sara is apparently ahead of us, so I guess I worried for nothing. We will meet her tomorrow in Missoula!

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Dugg said...

It’s the Montana (and westward) version of the Sago lily that we used to see in the Bighorns (but that species is white and this one is purplish). The “eye” at the base of each petal is a dead give-away. The three “pointy things” are called sepals. It has just a few grass-like leaves. Sure is pretty. Like Trilliums, it’s in the Lily family. Looks as though you’re going over Lolo Pass - might be worth a stop at Lolo Hot Springs. I used to go there when I was in a fire tower in MT back in the day.

Luv M&D

Dugg said...

Sorry. Misspelled the name - it's Sego Lily. Another name is Mariposa Lily.

Luv M&D