Monday, August 16, 2010

Richland to Baker City, OR 47 miles

We returned to last night's cafe for breakfast and were rewarded with Carol and Dave's company.
Bill enjoyed his apple pie last night so much he ordered one to go after breakfast.

The route traveled along the Powder River. There were lots of eagles and hawks, but no antelope or sheep. I don't know where the people hide all the wildlife when we pass by, but I hope they stop.
Climbing overall all day, but still there was some downhill, including the final long one into Baker City.
There was an Interpretive center at the top of hill. I would have liked to visit, but the hill and the fact that I had run out of water detered me. I thought of leaving my bike at the bottom and hitching up, an idea I later found Carol and Dave had executed.
There were no services at all today, which was not missed except the water.
Entering into Baker City we stopped at the RV campground, they hadn't seen Janelle and Ted, so we kept going to the bike shop so I could pick up a spare tube and maybe a tire.
Ice cream shop
Met Irv and Susan were riding Novara Flyby Shuttle Folders in Baker City. They also own a teardrop camper.

Ivy offered up her house first, then Sandy and Rod Lewis offered. Sandy said they didn't live at the end of a gravel drive like Susan and Irv's, Susan noted that at least they had indoor plumbing. Good friends all; if they are representative of Baker City, it is a great place to live.
We accepted Sandy and Rod's offer, but collected groceries first. We camped out on their land and enjoyed their hospitality and pets.

Remember the tour name? AHG An Affirmation of Human Goodness.
I question if people ever really understand how much we appreciate the small and great help they give. Maybe you have to be outside for months to really have a good idea.

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Betsy said...

It is amazing to think you are almost done! Kentucky seems like ages ago, I am sure, but I have been religiously keeping track of your wonderful blog. Good luck and enjoy your final state! Give our best to Sarah and the rest of the gang.

biketrekker said...

Hello Betsy! Your kids must be about ready to return to school! I will relay your wishes to Sara!